First Aid SymbolStates may handle the permission of NEMT protection or they can contract with another individual to handle NEMT such as a transportation broker from A medicaid transportation broker contacts with an SMA to handle preauthorization non-emergency transportation help in a delegated area. The broker bids for the chance to handle the transportation services, submitted bids are assessed and appointed based on the providers “experience, performance, references, resources, qualifications and costs. Heedless of who manages NEMT coverage, Medicaid rules need the transportation provider to have a contract with the proper individual before any services are provided. If the provider is not under contract, medicaid payment won’t be obtainable even if all other stipulations for non-emergency transportation have been met.

Once a contributor has a contract treaty, many States require a description of transportation services to be preauthorized before the transportation is supplied to beneficiaries. States preauthorize transportation in an assortment of ways. Each state institutes its own preauthorization guidelines for example; one state may require a physician to approve the need for beneficiary transportation, another state may only want to know that the beneficiary’s location drop-off was to a medical appointment and another state may expect the medical facility to appeal before help is given. State Medicaid rules may necessitate that beneficiaries be picked up at home and taken to their medical services before being dropped off at home once they receive the services.